Financing of seasonal fluctuations

The seasonality of your business doesn’t have to cause you cash flow problems. You do not have to borrow money, shorten the payment period to 3 days. You will have the money as and when you need it.

How Payment by Roger works

Send us an invoice

Within 3 days, you will receive 75% of the value of the invoice

Upon receiving payment from the customer, you will receive the remaining 25%


How much will factoring financing cost me?

Find out how much financing via Payment by Roger will cost you.



You pay interest of   CZK
Administration fee   CZK
I will pay a total of   CZK


We will shorten your payment period to 3 days for:
% from the invoice

The quoted price is a weighted average. The specific offer may vary depending on the size of invoice, payment period, customer, and the use of invoicing in EDI format.

Benefits of Payment by Roger

  1. Insurance
    Invoices for riskier customers are insured up to 75% of their value. You can conduct your business with peace of mind.
  2. Good customer relations
    You can notify customers of your cooperation with us via a notification letter, which we will prepare for you. We do not interfere with your business relationships.
  3. Gain independence
    You choose when and for which invoices you wish to shorten the payment period. Allowing you to optimize cash flow to suit your needs.

Shortening the payment period


You do not commit to anything by sending the form. Within 24 hours, we will contact you on the phone number you provided.