Shortening the payment period of invoices

You do not need operating financing or factoring, just get paid in time
Solution Shorten the payment period

Christian Khalaf, Marsil Khalaf – JANETTE

We have been financing invoices to the value of

1 900 709 465 Kč

, since 2013

We are a company certified by the
Czech National Bank

Shortening maturity in 3 steps

Send us an invoice by e-mail or EDI and within three days you will have the money on your account. It has never been easier.

Choose from invoices

Send us your invoices with a long maturity period, from which you need to obtain the money earlier.

We offer the best conditions

We will find the best financing offer for you.

Money within 3 days

You will receive 75% of the value of your invoice within 3 days. The remaining 25% after the customer pays.


A new approach to financing


Select the invoice that you want to finance, send it to us by e-mail or EDI. You save time and unnecessary administration.


You have the money from your invoice on your account within three days. You can devote more time to your business.

Clear conditions

You know the price and all of the other conditions in advance. No hidden charges or footnotes.


Our processes are verified by the Czech National Bank and the money goes through accounts that the CNB supervises.

We made their business finance simple

In the field of precision engineering, the normal payment period of invoices ranges from 1-3 months, depending on the customer. As a new company, however, we did not meet the minimum turnover or number of subscribers for bank factoring. However, at the beginning of our business, Roger provided us with much needed funds to cover the expenses necessary for the growth of our company. We will continue to enjoy Roger’s professional services.

Pavel König

Managing Director

SODEKO Tools s.r.o.

payment period of invoices 60 days

I have a very positive view of Payment by Roger. Thanks to Roger, we are able to streamline our cash-flow due to their quick and clear financing system.

Petr Štěpánek

Managing Director

Eltico s.r.o.

building technology company
payment period of invoices 30–60 days

The greatest benefits of Payment by Roger are its simplicity, speed and no extra administration. Roger is also able to keep the contents of an invoice confidential thereby protecting my business secrets.

Milan Fikar

Managing Director

Vinné sklepy Podivín s.r.o.

food industry
payment period of invoices 30 days

We are a group of social enterprises employing people with disabilities, for whom protected jobs are created on an individual basis thanks to the Labour Office. As the Labour Office pays employment support contributions retrospectively, we have managed to offset corporate cash flow related to wage pre-financing thanks to Payment by Roger.

Marek Juha

Chief Executive Officer

"... and we have work for you"

a group of social enterprises
payment period of invoices 60 days