Making business finance simple

We enable your business to finance invoices quickly and easily – no waiting for long payment terms.


Our solution

Our business finance system improves the way your business works with invoices. We offer simpler financing by removing long payment terms.

Our platform is connected to invoicing systems, making financing seamless and hassle free. Simply let us know which invoices you would like to get paid straight away and we will get it done.

A new form of operational financing. The shortening of long payment terms of invoices for large customers. Obtain money for performed work within three days, not after the maturity.

Intended for:

Small and medium-sized enterprises with long invoice payment terms.

An innovative system of financing invoices, allowing you to increase margins, improve financial results and strengthen
the supply chain without risk.

Intended for:

Large customers with long payment terms or free funds.

About us

You are probably asking, why Roger? In the 1950s, “roger” began to be used in radiocommunication to mean received, and then in 1969 NASA began to use “roger” in the Apollo mission. The term “roger” was later also used in aviation as an expression to confirm receipt of an order, by the US Navy and the RAF, where it stands for: Received Order Given Expect Results. Since our daily bread is to reliably, rapidly and accurately meet the requirements of you, our partners, there simply was no better choice. In addition, it suffices to add that one of the founders of the company is a pilot himself.

Roger and its business finance system will continue to look for space where financial flows can be further streamlined. Roger knows that there are many imperfections in the financial world, where there is a lack of information, and at the same time we know that the use of technology can simply eliminate these asymmetries. Roger wants to make business finance simple. Roger is expecting to expand its current portfolio of services to other EU countries, where it hopes to continue to grow and grow.

The main motif of the Roger logo is a symbol inspired by the origin of the name; the American abbreviation “Roger that”, expressing consent and understanding. At the same time, the motif shows two shaking hands, symbolising cooperation between the two entities – the investor and the businessman.

What we believe

Paid on time

We remove the fear of late payments. Invoices are paid quickly and easily, whenever you want.

One contract

A single contract for everything, signed by phone from wherever you are.


You decide when and how you get paid, without any commitments.


We will always process your invoices in one day. Payment reminders to suppliers are a thing of the past.


No tiresome admin. Simply let us know which invoice you want paid.


Having the money you’re owed, in your account, when you need it.


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